PIT Solutions digitizes the tattoo industry

15 May 2023 10:12

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Rapperswil-Jona/Dübendorf - PIT Solutions has developed a digital application for tattoo studios and their clients. The app can be used by interested persons to directly contact a studio or freelance artist and find the desired solution.

The digital service company PIT Solutions (PITS) from Rapperswil-Jona in the canton of St.Gallen has developed an app for PCs and cell phones in collaboration with the tattoo enthusiast Fabian Bähler from the canton of Zurich, Founder and CEO of inckd. AG, which is also the name of the app. According to a press release, this app provides interested individuals with the ability to select a suitable tattoo studio. Studios and freelance artists can submit their offerings via the app to familiarize clients with their work by showing a broad overview.

The application also offers the ability to manage orders and appointments. This means freelance artists can see where there is space at studios at a certain time and book in for this. Inckd. not only mediates for tattoo places and appointments in Switzerland but also abroad.

PITS is a digital service company with more than 700 employees. It has offices in Switzerland, Germany, India, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates. PITS is also a member of the Swiss-Indian Chamber of Commerce (SICC). ww

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