QWSTION manufactures the bag from water-repellent, Cradle to Cradle-certified Bananatex material. Image provided by QWSTION

QWSTION unveils new plant-based handbag collection

07 December 2023 12:58

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Zurich - QWSTION has presented a new bag collection developed in collaboration with “Monocle” magazine. The bags are made in Switzerland with plant-based materials instead of plastic.

The Zurich-based design studio QWSTION has unveiled a collection of Swiss-made bags that were developed with and for the “Monocle” magazine team. According to a statement, the bags are made from plants instead of plastic. All models were developed from scratch using waste-free patterns, and the production process is designed to minimize ecological footprint, writes the statement.

According to the design studio, all parts can be recycled at the end of their useful life. “The metal zips and buckles are recyclable, while the cradle-to-cradle-certified Bananatex, the sewing thread and all labels are 100 per cent biodegradable,” writes the QWSTION statement. The bags are equipped with QWSTION's characteristic functional details for optimum comfort and flexibility, and will acquire a patina over time.

Regarding the collaboration with “Monocle”, QWSTION writes in its statement that it has long admired the independent media house for its thought-provoking, optimistic perspective, even in challenging times. Questioning norms to find better solutions is something that QWSTION too is very passionate about.

The new bag models include the “Holdall”, an “archetypal carrier bag” with plenty of room for easy packing. The “Folio A4” and “Folio A5” models were developed for essential items such as writing materials, notebooks and wallets, and feature a detachable shoulder strap. All the bags are completely plastic-free and recyclable.

The QWSTION + Monocle products went on sale exclusively in Monocle Shops and QWSTION stores online and on the highstreet on 1 December. ce/gba

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