Regal Springs opens business hub in Mexico

13 April 2023 09:08

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Mexico City/Zurich - The Zurich-based aquaculture specialist Regal Springs has opened a business hub in Mexico City. Regal Springs has locations in Europe, the USA, Latin America, Indonesia, and Singapore.

According to a press release on LinkedIn, Regal Springs has opened a new business hub in Mexico City. Executive Director of the Swiss-Mexican Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SwissCham Mexico) Emilia Pfeiffer comments: “33 years after its foundation as a pioneering company in sustainable aquaculture, Regal Springs is the number one producer of farmed premium tilapia, focusing on the environment and community involvement by ‘Doing well by doing good’”.

Regal Springs was founded by Rudi Lamprecht in Wunut. Indonesia, in 1988. He had worked in development aid for many years prior. According to a description on the company’s website, the founder initially experimented with various species. The opportunities for natural tilapia breeding were then developed in the pioneering phase with aquaculture. Today, Regal Springs has 4,300 employees worldwide, plus 27,000 indirect employees.

Regal Springs has been a member of the Blue Alliance for sustainable aquaculture since 2022. According to Regal Springs, the aim is to exploit the immense potential of sustainable aquaculture to cover the food requirements of a rapidly growing population while simultaneously combatting climate change and also working towards total elimination of hunger, called zero hunger.

CEO Alois Hofbauer comments on Regal Springs Mexico's website: “By farming responsibly, we add precious protein to world food supplies helping to preserve threatened ocean fish stocks. With wild stocks in some regions fished near to capacity, aquaculture will contribute most of the additional fish produced and consumed in the future.” gba

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