Basel Region to be transformed into hydrogen hub

19 April 2024 09:14


Basel - The new H2-HUB Schweiz association is seeking to establish the Basel Region as a hydrogen hub for Switzerland. The production and use of green hydrogen should help Switzerland to achieve its climate neutrality ambitions.

H2-HUB Schweiz, a Basel-based economic association that was founded in February earlier this year, is seeking to transform the Basel Region into a hydrogen hub for the country. To this end, green hydrogen is to be produced on the basis of solar, hydroelectric and wind power and distributed across Switzerland, further details of which can be found in a press release. The aim here is to support Switzerland’s ambitions of achieving climate neutrality.

“The EU has been playing a key role in driving the creation of a hydrogen economy for several years now”, comments Dirk Mulzer, COO of Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB), a service provider that specializes in the areas of energy, water and telecommunications, in the press release. “To this end, promotional programs have already been launched throughout Europe. In this regard, Switzerland must not miss the boat”, Mulzer adds.

It is for this reason that IWB, in partnership with the service station operator Fritz Meyer AG/AVIA, GETEC, Port of Switzerland, the energy group VARO and HKBB, which is the chamber of commerce representing both Basel cantons, opted to establish the H2-HUB Schweiz association in Basel in February 2024. Its mission is to expand the Rhine ports located at Muttenz and Birsfelden, both in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, into a hub for the production, import and distribution of hydrogen throughout Switzerland. ce/eb

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