Schoeller Textil launches collection made from recycled materials

13 March 2023 08:36

Swiss TextilesSt.GallenBodensee

Sevelen - Schoeller Textil AG is set to launch its new sustainable collection Re-Source as part of its comprehensive brand strategy. Re-Source uses recycled materials from both bio-based and polyester and spandex fabrics, while offering modern design and high functionality.

Schoeller Textil AG, the textiles expert based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea, is seeking to take another step in the direction of a sustainable circular economy by implementing an innovative production concept. As part of the Re-Source project, the company will offer sustainable textiles without compromising on modern design and exceptional functionality, further details of which can be found in a press release.

“With Re-Source, we are making a textile contribution to our Schoeller brand vision: A better future for people and the planet”, comments Antonio Gatti Balsarri, Chief Commercial Officer at Schoeller Textil AG, in the press release. “By reusing materials that have already been used, we create ecological and social added value”, he adds.

Re-Source uses recycled materials obtained from bio-based, polyester and spandex fabrics alike. According to the information in the press release, the manufactured textiles offer breathability and heat regulation in addition to wind and water resistance. Some products are lined with NATIVA merino wool. By leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology, the entire production process behind this wool is 100 percent transparent and traceable. In addition, Schoeller from Sevelen in the canton of St.Gallen has committed itself to the Code of Conduct, which guarantees supply chain transparency, environmental protection and fair working conditions, the company writes in the press release. eb

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