Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce faces transition

21 August 2023 14:29

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Bangkok - David Stauffacher is stepping down as Managing Director of the Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Following an interim period, Marco Rudin will take over the office in mid-November. His role as the Political and Economic Attaché at the Embassy of Switzerland in Thailand concludes at the end of August.

The Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok is welcoming a new Managing Director. David Stauffacher steps down from the role at the end of September 2023. The transition was officially announced by Stauffacher and the President of the Chamber, Naruepon (Chang) Techawatanawana.

“Time is a relentless force, bringing with it both change and new horizons,” writes Stauffacher in his message. He describes his decision as “bittersweet”. He and his family are now preparing for a new adventure in their hometown of Zurich.

Marco Rudin will take over the role in mid-November. He will continue to serve as the Political and Economic Attaché at the Swiss Embassy in Thailand until the end of August 2023. The president expresses confidence “that Marco, as a young, dynamic Swiss leader at the helm of the Chamber Office, will introduce a series of fresh initiatives to benefit all our members”. Stauffacher has faith that “Marco will continue the path of growth and expansion that I have set out on over the past three years”.

Khun Meaw will temporarily fill the position until Rudin takes office. She brings experience as Executive Director of the Spanish-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Stauffacher was invited by President Techawatanawana to assist the board as a special advisor until the transition is complete. ce/mm

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