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09 November 2023 09:21

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Zurich/Hamburg - Sevensense Robotics is making its Alphasense Autonomy technology available to a research consortium. The AI solution will be integrated into a platform from the intralogistics specialist STILL. The aim is to enable intelligent forklift trucks to navigate autonomously in a factory or warehouse.

The Zurich-based company Sevensense Robotics, a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, is participating in the European research project Intelligent Motion Control (IMOCO4.E). According to a statement, the aim of the project is to enable intelligent forklifts to navigate autonomously in a factory or warehouse.

The IMOCO4.E project has 45 partners from 13 countries. It focuses on the application of solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) to address challenges in four main scenarios: the navigation, collection, and movement of goods, and their delivery to their final positions. In numerous warehousing settings, semi-autonomous trucks are already in use. However, further development is required for full autonomous control as autonomous forklifts must be able to recognize their surroundings, avoid obstacles and find the most efficient routes.

Sevensense is making its Alphasense Autonomy solution available to the German consortium for this project. Alphasense Autonomy uses Visual AI technology to provide precise navigation and obstacle avoidance in complex and dynamic warehouse environments. It will be integrated into the iGo neo platform created by the Hamburg-based intralogistics specialist STILL. STILL is leading the IMOCO4.E project consortium.

Sevensense is also developing prototypes for the implementation of Semantic Scene Understanding, which allows vehicles to precisely determine their position and anticipate the movement of obstacles. “The high precision and reliability of the localization provided by Sevensense's Visual AI technology is of great benefit here,” commented Ansgar Bergmann, project manager at STILL. ce/mm

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