Sirius Aviation AG unveils hydrogen propulsion system for aircraft

30 January 2024 14:27

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Payerne/Baar - Sirius Aviation AG has unveiled the world's first hydrogen-electric engine for aircraft. The startup company is working with BMW Group Designworks and Sauber Group. The propulsion system is designed for the Sirius Jet.

Sirius Aviation AG from Baar in the canton of Zug has unveiled the world's first hydrogen-electric propulsion system for jet aircraft, according to a statement. The propulsion system, developed in collaboration with BMW Group Designworks and Sauber Group F1, was exhibited for the first time on Wednesday, 17 January at Payerne Airport in the canton of Vaud. The innovative propulsion system is destined to equip the Sirius jet series.

During the public exhibition, the aircraft engine was ignited for the first time within a presentation room, releasing only water vapor and no pollutants. The Sirius Jet, a zero-emission vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft featuring the hydrogen-electric propulsion system, was also unveiled at the event. Two versions of the Sirius Jet are scheduled for completion in 2025: the Sirius Business Jet, which is a private jet, and Sirius Millennium Jet, developed for commercial aviation.

"This marks a new chapter in sustainable aviation and we are presenting a vehicle that will completely transform the aviation industry," Alexey Popov, CEO at Sirius Aviation AG, is quoted as saying in the statement. John Schoenbeck, Director of Strategic Partnership at BMW Group Designworks, commented: "This project is about innovation, transportation, and mobility; making it the perfect realm for Designworks.”  

CCO at Sauber Group F1 Jonathan Herzog said that he could “guarantee that we, Sauber Group will further continue this collaboration; and invest a lot from our power to help make Sirius Jet fly soon”.

Sirius Aviation AG is now accepting pre-orders for the hydrogen-electric propulsion system, which is scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2025. ce/gba

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