Sitem Startup Club and CSEM forge a strategic partnership to propel medtech innovation

09 April 2024 14:27

Greater Geneva Bern

Bern - Sitem Startup Club (SSC) has officialized a partnership with CSEM, uniting Bern’s medtech ecosystem with engineering excellence for transformative healthcare solutions.

Bern’s Sitem Startup Club (SSC) has announced its strategic partnership with the Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM). This alliance marks a pivotal chapter in SSC’s mission to cultivate Bern as a medtech nexus, further energized by CSEM’s globally acknowledged innovation prowess and its commitment to translating cutting-edge research into industrial strength.

CSEM, with its heritage of pioneering disruptive technologies since its inception in Neuchâtel in 1984, brings to the partnership a rich legacy of advancing the fields of microtechnology, nanotechnology, and digital health. In 2023, CSEM announced the establishment of its Digital Health Center in Bern, aiming to synergize its microelectronic expertise with medical and clinical research, thereby enhancing patient care through innovative solutions.

The collaboration between SSC and CSEM opens up new opportunities for medtech start-ups within SSC’s MedTech Booster program, offering them unprecedented access to CSEM’s advanced technologies and vast expertise. Start-ups can now look forward to navigating their developmental journeys with enhanced support—ranging from overcoming technical hurdles to speeding up the market readiness of their innovative healthcare solutions.

This strategic partnership not only amplifies SSC’s support structure for emerging medtech ventures but also aligns with CSEM’s vision of fostering an ecosystem where technology meets societal needs. This collaboration is a testament to their shared commitment to fostering growth, mentorship, and success within the medtech community that will leave an indelible mark on the industry and society at large. ggba

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