SkyCell supplying hybrid containers to Delta Cargo

21 November 2023 09:38

Greater Zurich

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Zug/Zurich/Atlanta - SkyCell has entered into a comprehensive agreement with Delta Cargo. The manufacturer of special containers based in the Greater Zurich Area will from now on be supplying the aviation company with temperature-resistant containers to transport pharmaceuticals.

Delta Cargo is expanding its range of pharmaceutical services. To this end, the airline based in Atlanta, Georgia, has now entered into a strategic partnership with SkyCell, a container manufacturer headquartered in Zug and Technopark Zurich, further details of which can be found in a press release. Customers stand to benefit from Delta Cargo’s container leasing program, through which they can access a variety of SkyCell hybrid container solutions for the transportation of temperature-sensitive shipments throughout the company’s global pharmaceutical network, the press release states.

SkyCell offers logistics solutions for pharmaceuticals with an emphasis on state-of-the-art containers that offer innovative design, robust temperature control, and advanced data monitoring capabilities. As the press release explains, pharmaceutical companies around the world have placed their trust in these containers to ensure the safety of sensitive cargo during transit. In the agreement with Delta Cargo, SkyCell will supply four different types of hybrid container designed to withstand temperature fluctuations ranging from +25 degrees Celsius to -80 degrees Celsius.

The reusable hybrid containers are not only designed to reduce CO2 pollution by up to 50 percent, but also, as Delta Cargo writes in the press release, to minimize medicine spoilage rates to nearly zero, which in turn contributes to a reduction in landfills. ce/ww

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