Skytex Spinning increases productivity with Rieter machinery

23 January 2024 12:33

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Winterthur/Madinat al-Aschir min Ramadan - Rieter’s Egyptian customer Skytex Spinning has successfully increased productivity by 40 percent after making the switch from ten C 70 cards to seven C 80 cards. This change has also allowed the company to process cotton contaminated with insect honeydew.

The technical possibilities offered by the high-performance card C 80 from Rieter have helped the Egyptian ring yarn manufacturer Skytex Spinning to carve out a favorable market position, further details of which can be found in a press release issued by the Winterthur specialist for yarn manufacturing systems. The modular design of the C 80 card generated additional operational optimizations and cost savings. Carding is a process used in the spinning process or in the production of nonwovens to initially align loose textile fibers into a sliver or nonwoven.

With the existing C 70 cards, the spinning mill was able to produce 85 kilograms of sliver per hour, while the newly installed C 80 card is capable of producing 120 kilograms per hour. This corresponds to an increase in production of 40 percent. In addition, the modular design of the C 80 has proven to be “invaluable” for the processing of cotton contaminated with honeydew. For example, the web bridge can easily be removed to clean off any honeydew residues, meaning that any production interruptions are kept to a minimum.

In addition, a total of ten C 70 cards were previously required to produce 850 kilograms of yarn. However, just seven C 80 cards are needed to produce the same quantity. As such, the switch has led to a 21 percent reduction in energy consumption, corresponding to annual savings of around 27,000 US dollars.

The partnership with Rieter and the high-performance C 80 card have revolutionized yarn production at Skytex Spinning “both in terms of quality and productivity”, according to the company’s CEO Raed Sarmini. “We have significantly enhanced our cotton processing, which gives us a clear competitive advantage”, he concludes. ce/mm

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