SmartHelio presents the predictive analysis software Autopilot for more efficient operation of solar systems. Image credit: SmartHelio

SmartHelio presents Autopilot analysis software for solar plants

22 November 2023 13:47

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Ecublens/Dubai - Young company SmartHelio, which is based in western Switzerland, is launching its Autopilot predictive analysis software on the solar market. The platform for operating and maintaining solar plants will be presented at COP 28 in Dubai.

SmartHelio will present its Autopilot predictive analysis software for more efficient operation of solar plants in the SWISS Pavilion at the COP 28 UN Climate Change Conference, which will take place from November 30 to December 12 in Dubai. According to a press release, the young company, which was founded by Govinda Upadhyay and Neeraj Dasila in 2019 and is based in Ecublens in the canton of Vaud, used findings from research carried out at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in developing its platform for operating and maintaining photovoltaic plants. SmartHelio Autopilot is based on 12 years of research, with a focus on developing physics-based artificial intelligence algorithms for detecting faults in solar plants.

Autopilot was introduced at the start of this year in the public solar asset management industry. Leading solar companies anticipate that this cutting-edge technology will revolutionize the solar industry, explains the press release. The SaaS platform can be seamlessly integrated into a customer’s existing monitoring or SCADA systems via an API interface.

By way of background, the company explains that photovoltaic plants fall below their rated output by 8 per cent on average. Autopilot can predict faults and outages at solar plants before they have an impact on the output. Investors and plant owners can increase their return on capital by up to six times with Autopilot, and can also expect the operating life of solar plants to be extended by eight years. Solar energy production increases by 10 per cent.

By using the SmartHelio platform, maintenance teams can operate quickly and efficiently and solve problems that would normally result in outage times. ce/gba

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