SULPAYMENTS Switzerland and GameCash Mexico unite

25 April 2024 09:18

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Freiburg/Mexico City - SULPAYMENTS Switzerland and GameCash Mexico have joined forces under a joint holding company. The two companies hope that the union will lead to strong synergistic effects and a greater presence in the Latin American market.

SULPAYMENTS Switzerland, a financial service provider based in Freiburg, and GameCash Mexico have united under a joint international holding company. According to a press release, both companies hope that this move will trigger great synergistic effects and strengthen their positions in the Latin American market. Both SULPAYMENTS and GameCash will each retain their respective core competences.

GameCash offers a range of payment services in Mexico, including SPEI, cash payments, Oxxo, and Paynet as well as transactions with local Mexican cards. These use the state-of-the-art 3D Secure 2.0 protocol. SULPAYMENTS is above all active in the Brazilian market, where it provides cross-border transactions via seamless USDT processing.

Tilmar Goos, CEO of SULPAYMENTS, commented in the press release: “Integrating Gamecash into our holding is a pivotal step towards achieving our goal of expanding our footprint in Latin America. With Gamecash's expertise in the Mexican market, we are now positioned to offer our clients comprehensive local payment solutions and USDT settlements through Sul Payments, an authorized entity in Switzerland. This move not only strengthens our presence in Mexico but also aligns with our vision of simplifying payment processes for businesses across Latin America.” GameCash’s founder Hugo Castrejon is optimistic about the merger: “Our combined efforts will enable us to offer unparalleled local payment solutions and USDT settlements, ensuring a secure, efficient, and compliant operation for our clients, as highlighted on our website.” ce/ww

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