Switzerland Innovation cooperates with China’s HICOOL

01 November 2023 11:17

SwissCham Hong Kong

Berne/Beijing - Switzerland Innovation, the network of six innovation parks in Switzerland, and HICOOL, the Chinese service platform for locating global start-ups in Beijing, plan to work together in future and have signed a corresponding Memorandum of Understanding.

Switzerland Innovation and HICOOL are committed to working together to create a global environment that promotes cooperation in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. According to a press release, representatives of both organizations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Berne to this end. The press release explains that they aim to pool their expertise “to establish a dynamic platform that fosters innovation and collaboration in research and development between China and Switzerland.”

HICOOL is a comprehensive service platform for global start-ups that want to establish themselves in Beijing. It is managed by the Beijing Overseas Talents Association. This Chinese talent development platform seeks out high-quality start-ups worldwide and helps them set up and expand their business in Beijing.

HICOOL has established six business areas, of which the HICOOL Global Entrepreneurship Competition is the most important component. This sees start-ups present their business ideas to Chinese venture capital investors and compete for a total of 10 million dollars. HICOOL also offers a service manager, business school, investment fund, industrial park and HICOOL@ Online. ce/mm

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