Nestlé investing 127 million dollars in Mexico

01 November 2022 12:22

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Querétaro - Nestlé México has announced plans to invest a sum of 127 million US dollars in the modernization of its factories in the Mexican State of Querétaro. Nestlé has been active in Querétaro, where it manufactures dairy products, for 75 years already.

Nestlé México has celebrated the 75th anniversary of its Carnation factory in Querétaro and at the same time announced an investment of more than 2.55 billion pesos or 127 million US dollars. According to a press release issued by Nestlé México, this is intended to modernize its factories located in the central Mexican state. The Carnation factory in Querétaro currently employs 482 people and supplies the Mexican market as well as the USA, Australia, Central and South America with dairy products under the Carnation Clavel brand.

The aim, according to the press release, is to modernize and improve operational processes by introducing new technologies in connection with the digital transformation and increasing investments in ecological sustainability.

“75 years ago we came to Querétaro to support the growth and development of this state, which has a great cultural and natural heritage – it is a land rich in opportunities, with a solid economy sustained by the strong productive talents of its people”, comments Fausto Costa, Executive President of Nestlé Mexico, in the press release. The company will continue to actively support the creation of economic and social value for people in the region.

Mauricio Kuri, Governor of the state, welcomed the decision. It reflects Nestlé México’s commitment to promote new technologies for greater environmental sustainability in the form of water and energy saving projects, Governor Kuri explains in an article published in the magazine “Mexico Now”.

The food industry ranks third in terms of added value from manufacturing production in the state of Querétaro. In the first half of 2022, this sector recorded growth of 13 percent.

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