T-Link organizes special transport to China

29 March 2023 15:19

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Freienbach SZ - The logistics company T-Link is organizing the transport of an extra-wide load to the Chinese city of Yantai. The load, which is a machine, is being assembled and packed at T-Link in the port of Birsfelden. It will travel along the Rhine to Rotterdam before continuing to China.

T-Link is managing the transport of an extra-wide machine from Switzerland to Yantai in China. The logistics company in the port of Birsfelden has optimized its infrastructure for such tasks, according to a statement. 

The manufacturer’s employees rented T-Link’s facility for three months to house their extra-wide machine. Thanks to the infrastructure provided by T-Link, including a large storage hall and special crane systems, the engineers could finish building the machine without any complications.

T-Link will package the system over the next two weeks before shipping it. According to the statement, the machine will first be loaded onto a cargo ship and transported to Rotterdam along the Rhine. From there, a container ship will transport it onward to China. The cargo is expected to arrive in late May or early June in the port city of Yantai, an economic center on the Shandong Peninsula on the Yellow Sea. gba

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