Telsonic expands business in the USA

16 March 2023 11:16

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Bronschhofen/Shelby Township - The ultrasonic specialist Telsonic Group is expanding its North American business with an acquisition. It has taken over Leading Edge Engineering with headquarters in Shelby Township, Michigan.

According to a press release, the ultrasonic technology specialist Telsonic Group from Bronschhofen in the canton of St.Gallen has acquired the American company Leading Edge Engineering. The engineering company based in Shelby Township in the US state of Michigan is active in sectors such as plastic joining and thermoforming, to name a few. The new purchase aims to strengthen Telsonic’s strategic presence in the vital North American market. The acquired company has already been a partner of Telsonic for several years. It is now trading under the name Telsonic Tooling & Engineering LLC.

According to a press release, the acquisition and integration of Leading Edge Engineering is not just a move to build up Telsonic’s presence in America. Advantages in operational practice are also expected, such as more efficient delivery to the local market with high-quality precision tools required for ultrasonic and vibration welding. Telsonic adds that the new company will continue to supply to third-party clients in the tool manufacture sector.

Telsonic has been active in the USA since 1992. Telsonic Ultrasonics Inc. was founded in 2005. According to information from the company, its areas of activity are ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic cutting including the cutting of food, ultrasonic sieving, ultrasonic cleaning, and vibration welding. Telsonic provides services in the areas of design, finite element analysis (FEA), program management, support, and installation from its locations in Michigan and Massachusetts.

Telsonic Group was established in 1966 and has headquarters in the St.GallenBodenseeArea. It currently employs more than 250 members of staff and has subsidiaries in England, Germany, Italy, Serbia, the USA, Canada, China, and South Korea as well as a joint company in India. gba

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