Tesenso and partners present innovative air filter

11 October 2023 09:57

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Zurich/Holzhäusern/Illnau - Tesenso, Clean Air Enterprise and VOJ-TECH Ingenieure will showcase their jointly developed, patented indoor air purifier, RESQUE 100, at the GITEX event in Dubai. The cleaner’s high-performance filter visibly cleans the foggy air in a room in just a few minutes.

Three Swiss companies have joined forces to develop an outstanding product, which they are jointly presenting at the GITEX GLOBAL technology trade fair in the Dubai World Trade Centre. From October 16 to 20, Tesenso from Zurich, Clean Air Enterprise from Holzhäusern in the canton of Zug and VOJ-TECH Ingenieure from Illnau in the canton of Zurich will present their jointly developed mobile indoor air purifier, RESQUE 100. This product is compatible with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Quality Agenda 2031 and can significantly improve the air quality in rooms up to 100 square meters.

The UAE’s Air Quality Agenda is based on three strategic pillars – Monitoring, Mitigation and Management – which these three companies reflect in their individual areas of expertise. Tesenso, which specializes in monitoring processes in the Internet of Things, analyzes the quality of indoor air with its software. Clean Air supplies the high-performance particle filter and VOJ-TECH is responsible for advice, planning and management.

The patented Smart E-Filter cleans indoor air with a separation efficiency of over 99 per cent, and has the capacity to remove fine dust, viruses, bacteria, germs, fungal spores and aerosols from 1,200 square meters of air per hour. The integrated activated carbon filter also acts against unpleasant odors and ozone. There is no need to replace the purifier’s filters, as they can be serviced. The partners have produced a video to show that the RESQUE 100 is able to purify indoor air in just a few minutes, and will also demonstrate this live at GITEX using a smoke machine.

The patent holder in China began distribution in August 2023, and the Smart E-Filter’s patent for India was secured in September. ce/mm

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