The International School Sport Federation establishes headquarters in Lausanne

28 November 2023 13:02

Greater Geneva Bern

Lausanne and the canton of Vaud are set to strengthen their global stature in international sports with the arrival of the International School Sport Federation (ISF) headquarters in January 2024.

The ISF’s presence in over 200,000 schools worldwide, promoting youth participation in sports through events like the World School Championship and the biennial Gymnasiade ISF, is a testament to its commitment to youth sports development. The arrival of the ISF in Lausanne not only reinforces the city’s position as a world center for international sports but also opens doors for new synergies to promote sports among young people globally.

This strategic move amplifies Lausanne’s role as a central hub for global sports organizations. The ISF, which has been instrumental in fostering health, learning, gender equality, and inclusivity culture among youth, will establish its new headquarters at the Maison du Sport International (MSI) in Lausanne. The federation, staffed with around ten employees, will work amidst nearly 60 international sports federations and organizations in the Vaud region, creating a unique environment for collaboration and growth.

This move is also a testament to the success of the Fondation Lausanne Capitale Olympique (FLOC), established by the City of Lausanne and the canton of Vaud in early 2023. The FLOC aims to strengthen connections between public entities and sports organizations, demonstrating Lausanne’s attractiveness to international federations.

Émilie Moeschler, City Councillor, emphasizes that “the establishment of ISF in Lausanne underscores the city’s significance in the international sports world. It aligns with Lausanne’s commitment to equality and inclusion in sports. We look forward to working with ISF and developing synergies in promoting physical activity among children and youth.”

Christelle Luisier Brodard, State Councillor, added: “The ISF’s arrival in our canton’s international sports ecosystem will enhance the vibrancy of the Olympic capital. Their unique approach to school sports and collaboration with international sports entities will undoubtedly add significant value in promoting their discipline among youth globally.”

Laurent Petrynka, ISF President, highlighted the decision’s significance: “Promoting equality, respect, and fair play through school sports is not just a mission but a passion for us. Lausanne represents these ideals in the international sports community. This move is a commitment to enriching the lives of young athletes worldwide.”  ggba

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