Tourism Forum Lucerne presents the Lucerne Tourism Awards

05 December 2023 09:27

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Lucerne - The Capsule Hotel has been named as the winner of the Best Newcomer Award by Tourism Forum Lucerne. The prize was awarded primarily for its innovative hotel offering for solo travelers. Other award winners included the SNG St.Niklausen Schiffgesellschaft and the Peter Pühringer Foundation Group.

As part of the Festival of Hospitality, the Tourism Forum Lucerneawarded the Best Newcomer Award to the city’s Capsule Hotel. The committee responsible for determining the winners was impressed by the innovative and clever concept, which closes a gap in the market within the hotel industry, especially for solo travelers, further details of which can be found in a press release issued by Capsule Hotel. The tourism organization recognized the company’s commitment to its concept, the strength and popularity of which had already been confirmed by the Capsule Hotel in Lucerne in 2018 and at Zurich Airport in 2022. Future plans include the expansion of the old library in Lucerne into the Chapter Lucerne, a hotel offering space for 80 guests, and the creation of a cultural and experience world.

“Each of our locations is designed to offer an unforgettable experience”, comments Peter Schiffhauer, co-founder of Capsule Service AG, in the press release, before adding: “With our optimized but essential sleep concept and maximum experience options, we are revolutionizing the hotel industry. We enable everyone to discover the world in a completely new way”. In partnership with local artists, the Capsule Hotel concept aims to bring stories from well-known books to life as part of the decoration and, in so doing, generate a captivating atmosphere.

Other award winners at this year’s Lucerne Tourism Awards include the Lucerne-based SNG St.Niklausen Schiffgesellschaft and the Peter Pühringer Foundation Group, which is based in Vitznau in the canton of Lucerne. ce/ww

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