USI and Ticino Chamber of Commerce promote startups

13 December 2023 10:50

Greater Zurich

Lugano - The Startup Centre at the Università della Svizzera (USI) and Chamber of Commerce for the canton of Ticino are to work together to establish favorable conditions for the establishment and growth of startups in the region. They have now signed an agreement to this effect.

The USI Startup Centre and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Services of the canton of Ticino (Cc-Ti) will work together in future to promote the region's startup scene and innovative entrepreneurs. They signed a framework collaboration agreement to this effect on December 12.

According to a press release, CC-Ti director Luca Albertoni emphasized the significance of the agreement for the region’s economic growth: "As the umbrella organization of Ticino's economy, we believe that promoting entrepreneurial culture and fostering the creation of new businesses is crucial. We hope to see these startups grow and become established companies that contribute to the economic development of our region.” He added that the agreement represents another important milestone towards a cantonal innovation network.

The Rector of the Università della Svizzera (USI), Luisa Lambertini, emphasized the value of networking for the university's impact in Ticino: “"Our USI Startup Centre supports the development of new companies in the field of scientific research and promotes an entrepreneurial culture in the academic community. It is important to complement this commitment by networking with other organizations to increase the impact generated outside the campus and in the real economy.” ce/mm

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