Uster Technologies publishes Sustainability Bulletin

28 November 2023 09:49

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Uster - Uster Technologies has produced a Sustainability Bulletin offering tips for sustainable business operations in the textiles industry. According to the bulletin, companies should make the effort to use recycled materials in all processes along the value chain.

With its new Sustainability Bulletin, Uster Technologies from the canton of Zurich is seeking to provide practical tips and specific industry knowledge that apply to all areas of the textile value chain. In particular, yarn manufacturers should be informed about which recycled materials they can use to produce their fibers, further details of which can be found in a press release. The Sustainability Bulletin is intended to eliminate uncertainties in this area, as Uster writes in the press release.

“The use of mechanically recycled fibers in spinning has specific quality considerations”, comments Gabriela Peters, Head of Product Management Laboratory Systems at Uster Technologies, in the press release. “Such fibers have a higher short-fiber and nep content and may often be colored, particularly if post-consumer material is used”, she adds. Furthermore, mechanically recycled yarns are limited in term of the yarn fineness that can be achieved. Uster points out that thermomechanically or chemically recycled fibers present fewer challenges in terms of yarn production and should offer similar processing traits to natural fibers.

Having now published its Sustainability Bulletin, Uster Technologies sees its role as being to help set standards and define quality features. The Uster Statistics, which now also contain information on recycled yarn and define sustainable goals with minimal waste, were presented at the ITMA 2023 textiles trade fair in Milan, Italy, back in June of this year. ce/ww

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