Uster’s latest yarn clearing system proves itself in industrial settings

27 September 2023 12:17

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Uster - An independent Indian textile institute has confirmed that the dual sensors in Uster’s Quantum 4.0 yarn clearing technology improve fabric quality. According to Uster, bases in the canton of Zurich, the density measurement feature also makes it possible to save tons of yarn that would otherwise be disposed of.

Two years after launching its Uster Quantum 4.0 yarn clearing technology on the market, Uster Technologies is seeing positive results. According to a press release issued by the global market leader in textile quality control, industry feedback has emphasized the benefits of the two new functions: cross clearing by two sensors connected in series (Smart Duo) and density detection.

Smart Duo combines the two main technologies used for yarn quality control: capacitive and optical sensors. Uster says that combining the two creates “significant advantages in quality and profitability for spinners”. The dual sensors enable detection and removal of significantly more compact and fluffy events than previously.

A spinner in India producing 100% combed cotton yarn for knitted fabrics put this cross-clearing function to the test. An independent Indian textile institute compared the spinner’s manufacturing process with and without cross clearing and, according to the press release, concluded that the Uster Smart Duo increased quality without raising production costs.

Quantum 4.0’s density measurement feature, which Uster says is unique, prevents high-twist yarns from mixing with regular yarns on the winding machine, as happened to a customer in China. Thanks to the density detection function, the spinner  was able to save 1.08 tons of yarn that would otherwise have been wasted: “By installing the new generation of Uster yarn clearers the mill was able to rewind the yarn to separate the high twist element.” ce/mm

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