VAT builds new research center in Haag

20 September 2023 09:03


Haag - VAT, a manufacturer of vacuum valves based in the canton of St.Gallen, has started building a new center for semiconductor research in Haag. The building is to be 100 per cent CO2-neutral and is set to open in spring 2025. Cantonal councilor Beat Tinner believes the new center is a clear commitment to East Switzerland as an industrial location.

VAT, a manufacturer of high-end vacuum valves and the semiconductor technology associated with them, has broken ground for a new innovation center at its site in Haag. According to a press release, the center will be a “bridge between VAT traditions and the departure into new business fields”. The latter include research into new coating processes for future generations of microchips.

With four floors and measuring around 12,000 square meters in total, the new building will house research, development and application activities. VAT is also planning to install attractive offices and a staff restaurant. The company says the center will be 100 per cent CO2-neutral, and it is scheduled to open in spring 2025. A budget of 40 million Swiss francs has been allocated to the project. According to the press release, Beat Tinner, cantonal councilor and head of the Department of Economic Affairs of the St.Gallen government, has assessed the building project as a convincing commitment to Eastern Switzerland as a place to work, and “an immensely positive sign” in these times of a shortage of skilled workers.

Current CEO of the VAT Group Mike Allison described the new innovation center as a significant milestone in the company’s successful history. Urs Gantner, currently Executive Vice President of the in-house Semiconductor Solutions Group and designated CEO from January 1, 2024, sees the new building as the heart of VAT’s innovation activities: “It is designed to accelerate our customer-centric innovation and deliver the key innovations needed for the digital age.” ce/ww

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