VAT supports New Zealand’s space research

02 August 2023 09:27


Sennwald/Wellington - VAT Vakuumventile AG is contributing to research into new propulsion systems for spacecraft. The company from the canton of St.Gallen has signed a cooperation agreement with New Zealand’s Paihau-Robinson Institute, and is supporting the research with special pumps and high-precision valves.

VAT Vakuumventile AG, which is based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea, is supporting research into novel propulsion systems for spacecraft with its special pumps and valves. A press release explains that the company has signed a cooperation agreement with the Paihau-Robinson Research Institute at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

Researchers at the institute are currently developing a magneto-plasmadynamic thruster for spacecraft, which is significantly more lightweight and efficient than existing propulsion systems thanks to superconducting magnets. The aim of the research is to give a major boost to the performance and flexibility of Applied Field Magneto-Plasmadynamic Thrusters (AFMPD).

The Paihau-Robinson Institute is working to develop high-temperature superconductors. It joined forces with Australian scientific vacuum solution specialist Scitek to build a simulation chamber where the planned thrusters can be tested under space conditions. Special pumps and high-performance valves are needed to maintain a stable vacuum, which is where VAT comes in.

“The high precision and functional reliability of VAT valves are crucial for such challenges,” says Kelvin Ho, Product Manager at Scitek, in the press release. “In addition, we always work closely with our VAT colleagues when designing such systems. This is the only way to make the most of the experience of both sides.” ce/ww

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