Ventile supports farms in Egypt in the transition from traditional cotton cultivation to a biodynamic approach. Image provided by Ventile

Ventile supporting the transition towards biodynamic farming

24 October 2023 10:35

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Zurich - Ventile, a textiles company owned by Stotz & Co., has entered into an agreement with two Egyptian farms. Ventile will support both farms in their transition from conventional cotton farming towards a biodynamic approach.

Ventile is supporting two farms in Egypt. Salsol Farm and Ramadan Kamel Farm are both based in the Nile delta region and are active in the area of cotton farming. Within the framework of a cooperation with the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA), Ventile will support the two farms over the next few years in their transition towards implementing biodynamic farming methods, further details of which can be found in a press release.

Ventile, which is part of the Zurich-based textiles firm Stotz & Co., will carry out training workshops in conjunction with the EBDA. The focus of these sessions is on imparting knowledge to the farmers with regard to biodynamic agricultural techniques, biodynamic fertilizers and pest control directly where they grow the cotton.

“If we want to keep building towards a more sustainable industry, we must invest in environmentally friendly sources – from the farmers’ wellbeing to maintaining the long-term fertility of soil and minimizing the pollution impact”, comments Daniel Odermatt, Ventile Brand Director, in the press release.

The program also aims to promote diversified farming. For example, aside from cotton, the two partner farms also grow rice, maize, beetroot and artichokes, as well as sunflowers. ce/jh

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