Image Wear is outfitting VistaJet flight attendants with uniforms again this year. Image provided by Image Wear AG

VistaJet obtains new uniforms from Image Wear

20 September 2023 11:20

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Zurich/Luqa - Since 2011, private airline VistaJet has kitted out its flight crews with uniforms made by Image Wear. The Zurich-based textile company, which specializes in workwear, is providing VistaJet with new uniforms again this year. All elements of the uniform are manufactured in Europe, except for the hat.

In the aviation sector, Image Wear focuses on supplying private airlines with uniforms. As the Zurich workwear textiles specialist explains in a press release, Maltese airline VistaJet, which is owned by Zug-based VistaJet Holding S.A., has relied on Image Wear’s high-end products since 2011 and has ordered new uniforms from Image Wear again this year. 

The textile company produces around 30,000 pieces of clothing every year, almost all of which are made in Europe. According to the press release, the hat is the only part of the uniform that is made for Image Wear in Asia, but the company’s strict requirements are complied with in the manufacturing process. As part of its cooperation with VistaJet, Image Wear assumes responsibility for all logistics in connection with the uniforms. 

The company writes that it continually receives inquiries from staff at other airlines, asking whether they can have uniforms of the same quality as those of VistaJet. Despite slightly higher costs at the start, the uniforms also make financial sense for airlines: “The durability of the uniforms saves a lot of resources at various stages of the value chain.” For example, the company has enabled its customer Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich (Zurich transport services) to achieve savings of around 50 per cent. ce/hs

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