Vonom organizing its first academic blockchain conference in Dubai

22 March 2024 11:55

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Zug/Dubai - Vonom Academic is holding an academic blockchain conference in Dubai. The event will seek to explore the role that blockchain can play in creating a sustainable future. Moreover, Vonom will be presenting its blockchain-powered platform for scientific publications.

Vonom Academic is organizing its first academic conference on May 7 and 8 in Dubai, the theme of which is: “Proof of Green: The Future of Blockchain and Sustainability”. According to a press release, the key discussions will be focused on the impacts of blockchain on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), its impact on emerging industries and regions, in addition to community participation in sustainable blockchain solutions.

“We chose sustainability as our focus because, now more than ever, it’s crucial to change our behaviors toward the environment”, as Philip Blazdell, CEO of Vonom Academic, explains. “Blockchain’s wide reach can amplify these efforts, making it pivotal in our mission for positive change”, he adds.

At the conference, Vonom Academic will also be showcasing its blockchain-powered platform for scientific publications, which, according to Blazdell, “heralds a new era of trust in academic research” by “revolutionizing the way knowledge is shared”.

On this platform, researchers can harness the power of blockchain technology to record every step of the publication process accurately and immutably, from data aggregation and analysis, all the way through to peer evaluations and revisions. According to the information, this decentralized platform not only safeguards copyright claims and ensures fair compensation, but also facilitates universal access to published materials, championing the principles of open access in the process. ce/mm

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