Mona Vetsch moderated the swiss export day at Schindler in Ebikon. Image provided by swiss export

Change challenges the export industry

14 June 2024 11:45

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Ebikon - The Swiss export industry is facing challenges created by geopolitical and technological transformation. This was demonstrated at swiss export day 2024, hosted by Schindler in Ebikon in the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland. Companies are responding with innovation, collaborations and further increases in efficiency.

The Swiss export industry is feeling the effects of change. “The world is changing fast – faster than some people would like," Carl Ziegler said at the start of swiss export day 2024. “But this rapid change also highlights the importance of values, trust, teamwork and craftsmanship,” continued the President of swiss export. CEO Claudia Moerker demonstrated to the some 600 participants how host Schindler also puts these values into practice. This is why the motto of the annual event derived from the world of lifts: “Taking it to the next level”.

Switzerland's uncertainties around European policy are one of the challenges facing export companies. Petros Mavromichalis pointed out that Swiss and EU negotiators have been working hard to ensure the success of the bilateral negotiations. “We have the common goal of concluding the negotiations by the end of the year,” said the EU ambassador.

Artificial intelligence is accelerating the digitalization of the economy and creating new opportunities for the tech industry in particular, according to Martin Hirzel. However, many mechanical engineering companies do not yet have a digitalization strategy in place, added the Swissmem President, citing a study being published by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich at the end of June.

The success of SMEs in particular depends on the entrepreneurs themselves. This was the focus discussed by Stephanie Schoss, Director of the Research Centre for High Performance Teams at the University of St.Gallen, who is also an entrepreneur, pilot and mother. In all four roles, she has learnt how every team member should be involved in a way that ensures teamwork in achieving goals. For her part, conductor Graziella Contratto illustrated different understandings of leadership with the leadership styles of famous conductors. 

Host Schindler described how its innovations and entrepreneurial courage enabled it to become a global company with 60,000 employees within 150 years. “Innovation is in our DNA,” said Silvio Napoli, Schindler CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Crossing boundaries takes courage." ce/stk

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