WinGD and Mitsubishi making ammonia systems available to ships

22 February 2024 11:22

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Winterthur/Yokohama - Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding have completed an initial design of an ammonia fuel supply system. This should ensure that operators of ocean-going vessels will have ammonia-powered engines developed by WinGD at their disposal from mid-2025 onwards.

The Winterthur-based marine engine developer WinGD and Japanese shipbuilder and technology development company Mitsubishi Shipbuilding have presented the initial result of their partnership announced in June of last year: the two companies have now completed an initial design for an ammonia fuel supply system (AFSS) for vessels powered by WinGD’s X‑DF‑A ammonia-fueled engines.

As a press release issued by WinGD explains further, the partnership aims to develop ammonia engines and fuel systems that can be implemented in a range of different ships. In addition to the fuel supply system - including a fuel valve unit, fuel conditioning and all related piping - the concept includes an ammonia catching system as well as purging and venting arrangements.

“Concluding the initial AFSS design at this stage puts us in a strong position to offer a complete fuel system to ship operators as demand for carbon-free ammonia fuel grows over the coming years”, comments Manabu Kawakado from Mitsubishi Shipbuilding in the press release.

According to the information, the project will now enter a detailed design phase in order to ensure that ammonia capability is available to operators of ocean-going vessels prior to regulatory requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions taking effect. As Sebastian Hensel, Research and Development Director at WinGD, announces, the first delivery of his company’s ammonia-powered engines is expected in the second quarter of 2025. ce/mm

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