Xterio integrates Forge platform into SocialFi campaign

17 April 2024 10:51

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Zug/San Francisco - Xterio and the gaming platform Forge have announced a partnership. Xterio, a developer of high-quality Web3 games, launched its SocialFi rewards campaign on Forge on April 16. This platform gives Xterio access to an enormous pool of new users, enabling it to scale its products.

Xterio, which is located in Zug, and San Francisco-based Forge have entered into a strategic partnership. According to a press release, this agreement connects players of Xterio’s growing content library of first and third-party Web3 games, including Age of Dino, Overworld, Palio and others, with Forge’s gaming, identity and marketing platform. Xterio is a Gaming x AI platform and ecosystem powered by the Xterio Chain, which aims to give millions of users access to Web3 gaming.

As the press release explains, the key to the collaboration is leveraging the growing Forge community and social engagement platform. This will give Xterio access to “a massive funnel of new users to scale its products”, while the Forge community will have the opportunity to engage with interesting new content.

A central element of this partnership is integrating Forge’s engagement platform in Xterio’s SocialFi rewards campaign, which launched on April 16. By using Forge’s identity and reward system, Xterio aims to create new forms of user participation and retention. Contributions to the gaming community and ecosystem will be recognized and rewarded.

“The essence of our mission is to continually engage new players by presenting them with unmatched value and seamless discovery opportunities,” says Xterio COO Jeremy Horn, adding that Forge is “the ideal ally” for Xterio's resulting and targeted growth. ce/mm


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