Zizania Biobotanica honored for its sustainable cosmetics innovations

19 December 2023 10:48

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Les Evouettes - Zizania Biobotanica has won the Prix Cohésion & Solidarité Lémanique, recognizing its eco-friendly cosmetics innovations in the Lake Geneva region.

Zizania Biobotanica, a start-up renowned for its innovative approach in natural beauty, has achieved a significant milestone by winning the prestigious Prix Cohésion & Solidarité Lémanique, awarded by the Conseil du Léman. This award highlights Zizania’s commitment to eco-friendly and socially responsible practices in the cosmetics industry. The prize acknowledges initiatives that address social, cultural, and ecological challenges in the Lake Geneva region, encompassing the cantons of Geneva, Vaud, and Valais, along with the Ain and Haute-Savoie departments in France.

Zizania excels in creating cosmetics using upcycled plant by-products from the Zollinger bio gardens, emphasizing the “clean beauty” movement. Their mission focuses on reducing waste and crafting exclusive cosmetic ingredients from plant sub-products. Zizania stands out for its high-quality cosmetics with concise formulas, offering a unique sensory experience in minimalist, sustainable packaging. This recognition at Bourg-en-Bresse underlines Zizania’s impactful role in sustainable cosmetics and its influence in the Lake Geneva region.

In July 2023, Zizania won the Audience Award 2023 >>Venture>> awards. Thanks to its dedication to sustainable practices and upcycling plant materials, Zizania demonstrated a clear resonance with the audience’s values. This victory represented a significant accomplishment for the company, aligning with their goal to promote the “farm-to-face” movement and the principles of the circular economy.

Zizania’s triumph in winning the Prix Cohésion & Solidarité Lémanique, coupled with the Audience Award at the 2023 >>Venture>> awards, cements its status as a leader in sustainable cosmetics. Embracing the circular economy, Zizania’s innovative use of upcycled plant by-products from Zollinger bio gardens exemplifies a commitment to ecological responsibility and high-quality natural beauty products. This recognition showcases Zizania’s significant contribution to both the cosmetics industry and environmental sustainability, resonating strongly with audiences and stakeholders in the Lake Geneva region and beyond. ggba

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