Zurich fashion label Kahani Dor developing circular model with iceep

25 September 2023 10:11

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Zurich/Uster - Kahani Dor, the ethical lifestyle brand for slow fashion, is now using the digital solution developed by iceep to take back used textiles. After this, the products are returned to the material lifecycle. In addition, it is hoped that sharing common values will engender greater brand loyalty among customers.

Kahani Dor has entered into a partnership with iceep. In this context, the Zurich-based fashion label Kahani Dor will use the digital solution developed by iceep in order to establish a circular model for its used textiles, further details of which can be found in a company press release. To this end, with its technology iceep is creating digital touchpoints between users and the brand to facilitate the return of products once they have reached the end of their useful lives, as the company founder Petros Timotheu writes in a LinkedIn post. In return, customers receive a discount when purchasing new products. Depending on the condition of the returned products, they are either re-sold or recycled.

“At iceep, we see hope and an opportunity for change in the circular economy - a system that perceives used products and materials as resources rather than waste”, as the company, which was founded in 2020 within the framework of the program Zurich Impact Hub Circular Economy, writes on its website. “For us, takeback is the gateway to the circular economy”, it explains further. As a company, iceep works to ensure “that this transition is smooth and exciting for our customers”.

For founder Olivia Grossenbacher, Kahani Dor is an ethical lifestyle brand that is committed to revitalizing traditional hand crafts in rural India. In her online shop, she mainly sells clothing for women and children as well as home textiles made from fabrics produced using traditional, regional methods. In the future, Grossenbacher will be able to “gradually but methodologically improve” her own circular model through “second-hand, upcycling, or end-of-life recycling”, according to iceep founder Petros Timotheu on LinkedIn. ce/mm

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