The Zupan team draws a positive balance after the first six months at Technopark Zurich. Image provided by Zupan

Zupan assesses move from Vancouver to Zurich positively

26 October 2023 12:10

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Zurich - Zupan is looking back on a positive first six months at Technopark Zurich. The company from Vancouver, which is new to the Swiss market with its B2B software for inventory counting, is certain that it has found the best location in the world.

Six months after relocating its headquarters from Vancouver, Canada, to the Technopark ZurichZupan is convinced it has made the right decision. The company’s eponymous B2B Software as a Service is a mobile application for inventory counting, as well as a web platform for displaying results and analysis in real time. The app is available in all app stores.

Zupan has been based at Technopark Zurich since 1 May 2023. Before relocating, CEO Adam Wainwright summarized the factors that led to the decision in favor of Zurich instead of Asia or Austin, Texas. He explains: "Everything we thought was true, the thesis is correct, and our expectations have been surpassed. We are impressed and excited to grow here."

He describes Zurich's pro-innovation ecosystem as welcoming and open-minded, with an “anything is possible” attitude. "Switzerland is pro-business, pro-innovation, with a strong startup infrastructure,” he says. The political framework, according to Wainwright, is supportive and stable. The subsidiaries of multinational tech corporations generate a large talent pool, as do the universities, which work closely with industry. Office costs, compliance, and taxes are also lower than in the US and Canada.

The CEO cites an example of how tech-friendly Zurich is: “Greater Zurich Area AG created an itinerary for our visit and scheduled all the meetings with relevant people, such as various cantons’ economic development personnel, founders, and entrepreneurs, a tech talent recruiting agency, and a law firm for tech companies, LEXR.” ce/mm

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