ITW has opened its liug.Innovationszentrum in Chur. Image credit: ITW

ITW opens liug.Innovationszentrum in Chur

23 May 2024 10:43

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Chur/Balzers - The new innovation center liug.Innovationszentrum in Chur in the canton of Graubünden has officially been opened. The energy self-sufficient building from the real estate company ITW and Chur-based architects Bearth & Deplazes provides companies with 11,200 square meters of space for up to 300 workspaces.

The liug.Innovationszentrum in Chur has opened for use. Liechtenstein’s ITW Ingenieurunternehmung AG is the planner, owner, and operator. The company states that Mayor Urs Marti and Victor Zindel, Head of Regional Management/contact point for economics of the City of Chur, took part in the celebratory opening ceremony.

ITW is calling the semicircular building and integrated plaza designed by local architects Bearth & Deplazes a new symbol of Chur. It is reminiscent of a Roman amphitheater. It's Rhaeto-Romance name "liug" means location or square: “an innovation location, a place for meetings”, as Oliver Bossi, liug Project Manager and Member of the Management Board, puts it in a press release.

The liug.Innovationszentrum’s own marketing states that it boasts 11,200 square meters of space for work, research, production plants, training, conferences, laboratory activities, fitness, events, catering, and services. The facilities and customizations can be changed and used in a modular format. Overall, up to 300 workstations can be created.

Bossi explains in a video that the difference between the liug.Innovationszentrum and conventional buildings “certainly lies in the mix of prestigious and young companies that will be located there.” Additionally, the liug.Innovationszentrum will sometimes be open to the public. ITW states that the project represents a further milestone for the company in the canton of Graubünden. ce/mm

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