Destinus is building Europe's first commercial private hydrogen test site in Payerne. The test site will also provide the infrastructure for Destinus' test series. Image provided by Destinus

Destinus building hydrogen testing site

28 May 2024 10:16

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Payerne - Destinus is set to achieve a milestone in the development of its hydrogen-powered hypersonic aircraft: Europe’s first commercial private hydrogen testing site, the Destinus H2 Park, is being built at the start-up’s Payerne site in western Switzerland.

Destinus is building the Destinus H2 Park, Europe’s first commercial private hydrogen testing site, in Payerne in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. Here, the aim will be to promote hydrogen-related technologies on a cross-sectoral basis and encourage the participation of the EU. Potential users include, among others, the aerospace and aviation industry, as well as the automotive industry, research institutions and governmental bodies, further details of which can be found in a press release. The facility is expected to be operational for gas system testing in the third quarter of 2024 and liquid system testing in the third quarter of 2025, as Destinus explains in the press release.

The facility will also provide the infrastructure for Destinus to carry out a series of tests. Founded in 2021, the start-up is working on the development of an autonomous hydrogen-powered hypersonic aircraft, which is expected to reach a speed of Mach 5, i.e. it will be capable of flying five times faster than the speed of sound. Moreover, founder and CEO Mikhail Kokorich was invited onto CNN to discuss the company’s plans and the technology behind its ambitions. Destinus is set to present both its plans and technology at ILA Berlin, the aerospace trade fair taking place June 5-9, 2024.

Destinus employs just under 200 staff at the headquarters in Payerne in addition to its sites in Paris, Toulouse, Madrid, Germany and Hengelo (Netherlands). In April 2023, Destinus acquired OPRA, a Dutch specialist for industrial gas turbines, which now operates as Destinus Energy.

Since being founded, Destinus has raised 75 million euros in funding. Of this figure, a total of 12 million euros was provided by the Spanish government for projects focused on the development of hydrogen drives. ce/mm

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