Polish company using technology developed by Sintratec

10 March 2023 08:36

Brugg/Czechowice-Dziedzice - The Polish company Kontakt-Simon is using a Sintratec 3D printer to manufacture sophisticated prototypes for the electronics industry. This allows the research and development team to develop and verify their complex designs more rapidly.

The Sintratec S2 3D printer developed by Sintratec AG from Brugg in the canton of Aargau is being used by Kontakt-Simon for the in-house production of prototypes for switches, outlets and sockets. According to a press release, the Polish company had previously used an FDM 3D printer for this development step, but its technical capabilities were not quite good enough to meet the Polish company’s quality requirements. For this reason, Kontakt-Simon decided to switch to selective laser sintering (SLS) and, in turn, to the Sintratec S2 printer.

“The advantage of SLS over FDM is a uniform surface, reflecting the designed surface better than in the incremental model, and mechanical strength that also allows testing mechanical solutions, for example latches”, comments Thomas Wilk, head of the technical department of Kontakt-Simon, in the press release. Once the design is validated by an SLS-prototype, it can go into mass production through injection molding.

Sintratec develops and manufactures precise 3D printers for professional use. The systems for selective laser sintering process high-quality materials as part of an additive manufacturing process. With the help of Sintratec technology, users from a wide range of industrial sectors can create complex, freeform objects that – whether rigid or flexible – are highly resilient and temperature-resistant. The SLS systems are used successfully in a wide variety of industries and at research institutes and universities worldwide. ww

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