Kühne+Nagel opens new center in Poland

26 February 2024 09:12

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Schindellegi/Gdansk - Kühne+Nagel has opened a new center for cargo handling at the port of Gdansk. With this new facility, the transport and logistics company is increasing its presence across the Baltic region.


Kühne+Nagel, a global transport and logistics company based in the canton of Schwyz, has opened a new cross-dock center at the deepwater port of Gdansk. As the company writes in a press release, the cross-dock center, which covers a total area of 3,300 square meters, will handle goods arriving in Poland via the world’s largest ocean vessels, including from major ports in the Far East, on Kühne+Nagel’s weekly service routes. Additional office space of 200 square meters has also been set up to coordinate freight processes. The new center is integrated in the European logistics network of Kühne+Nagel, which guarantees daily distribution of goods to local and European hubs, according to the press release. This means in particular that increasing demand from Baltic countries can be met.

“The launch of the sea and road cross-dock center is a strategic move to increase the efficiency and resilience of our customers' supply chains – both exporters and importers”, as Jacek Liszewski, Sea Logistics Manager at Kühne+Nagel Poland, comments in the press release. “The new location will enhance the logistics potential in the region, supporting Poland’s trade with other countries around the world and our customers’ expansion into new foreign markets”, he adds. Moreover, the new center also underlines Kühne+Nagel’s commitment to building stable, frictionless supply chains, which, as Liszewski concludes, should help to support the growth of the company’s partners. ce/ww

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