Foxtrail expanding to Canada

14 February 2023 09:18

Lucerne/Vancouver - The Lucerne-based company Foxtrail is now offering its first two Canadian trails in Vancouver. On the back of recent expansions in Paris, London, Rome, Helsinki and Berlin, intrepid teams can now explore Vancouver as well with a mixture of scavenger hunts, escape games and sightseeing.

Foxtrail is now offering its special form of outdoor experience in Vancouver. In Canada’s third-largest city, private or professional teams can explore the city for the first time by cracking codes together and finding hidden messages along the way. Founded in Lucerne in 2002, Foxtrail describes these group activities as a mixture of scavenger hunts, escape games and sightseeing.

A paper map and an app guide the teams through their exploration adventure. The two trails in Vancouver in the province of British Columbia are the first to also include an element of Augmented Reality. According to a Foxtrail press release, this was “a bold step” for the company. However, the feedback that the company received showed that “the approach works well”.

“Vancouver is a vibrant metropolis with active and adventurous people and a lifestyle comparable to Switzerland”, explains Tiago Sousa Lage, Managing Director of Foxtrail Canada, in the press release. The city offers a unique combination of exploration tours in both urban and natural environments. “We are very excited to fly our first North American flag in this beautiful city and hope that families, friends, schools, businesses and many more enjoy the trails as much as we do”, he adds.

Since the first Foxtrails were set up on Lake Thun 20 years ago, numerous regions have been added. Foxtrail recently created new trails in Paris, London, Rome, Helsinki and Berlin. According to the information in the press release, there are now more than 70 Foxtrails throughout Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy and Finland, in addition to Canada now as well. mm

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