Neubio produces its ear implants in the Emirates

27 March 2024 09:40

Brügg/Abu Dhabi - The Swiss company Neubio has launched an initiative with Abu Dhabi University, supported by the United Arab Emirates government, to produce cochlea implants in the country. This will significantly lower the cost of the implants and make them accessible to underserved communities.

Neubio, a company based in the canton of Bern, is playing a key role in the UAE Hears the World project run by Abu Dhabi University. As part of this project, Neubio’s electronic-free cochlea implants will be produced in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This technology transfer will reduce the price range for the devices from between $20,000 and $30,000 to between $10,000 and $12,000. As explained in an article published by the Abu Dhabi newspaper  “The National”, the university is working with Neubio on this project, with support from the Ministry of Economy.

“It's a new trend that we are starting,” says Dr Montasir Qasymeh from Abu Dhabi University. “Having a high-tech company in a university collaborating with a hospital and supported by the Ministry of Economy has never happened before.” He adds that the university is still seeking partners for mass production of the devices.

The plan is to eventually finance Neubio’s cochlear implants via medical insurance plans. As part of the UAE Hears the World initiative, 50 of these devices have already been donated to various communities in the UAE ahead of Ramadan.

According to Joshua Chang, Director of Global Impact at Neubio, the initiative “promotes both medical device innovation and humanitarian efforts”. The goal is to help those “who could not previously afford or have access to these implants”. The implants have already been approved by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi. ce/mm


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