Swiss GRC launches GRC Toolbox in the Middle East

28 May 2024 13:06

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Lucerne/Dubai - Swiss GRC has launched its GRC software in the MENA region. These strategic expansion plans also involve the opening of a new branch and operational office located at the innovation and technology hub known as Dubai Internet City, as well as an investment in a local data center.

Swiss GRC has its sights set on the Middle East market by offering an Arabic version of its flagship product known as the GRC Toolbox. This platform consolidates all GRC activities and regulatory requirements and is specifically tailored to this market, further details of which can be found in a press release.

To support its activities across this region, the company, which specializes in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, has opened a new branch and operational office at the innovation and technology hub Dubai Internet City. In addition, the Lucerne-based firm has invested in a local data center, with the aim of ensuring compliance with local operational requirements. Moreover, other planned investments in the region described as significant by Swiss GRC in the press release include training sales partners, implementing marketing measures and expanding the workforce in Dubai.

“We are very excited to offer our services in the Middle East region”, comments Besfort Kuqi, co-founder and CEO of Swiss GRC, in the press release. Rajeev Dutt, General Manager, MENA & APAC, adds: “The Middle East has a complex regulatory landscape, and we believe Swiss GRC can help entities navigate it safely. This expansion comes at the right time, and we are looking forward to establishing a strong base in the region”. ce/mm

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