BGG from China opens headquarters in Basel

22 April 2024 11:45

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Basel/Beijing - BGG is establishing new global headquarters in Basel, from which it plans to grow in Europe and the USA. The Beijing-based company is a supplier of clinically tested, natural ingredients used in food, drinks, pharmaceuticals, animal food and cosmetics.

BGG, family-owned company based in Beijing, is opening its new global headquarters in Basel, from which it will operate under the name BGG World. The newly appointed CEO is Jürgen Nelis, with Thomas Adler also joining the company in the role of Global Commercial Director. From its base in Basel, BGG intends to secure growth on the European and US markets. BaselArea Business & Innovation supported BGG in the process of settling in Basel.

According to information from the investment and innovation promotion agency, the central location in Europe, the economic and political stability offered by Switzerland, as well as the country’s numerous free trade agreements, were crucial pull factors in favor of establishing the new headquarters in Basel. Moreover, risks will also be reduced in the global supply chain, as the supplier of high-quality, natural and non-GMO ingredients writes in a press release.

“We strongly believe that our three leading technology platforms – botanical extraction, enzymatic conversion, and micro-algae farming – combined with continuous investment in clinical trials, will provide our customers with high-value, sustainable business potential for the long-term future”, comments Chunhua Li, founder and principal shareholder of BGG, in the press release. Jürgen Nelis, CEO of BGG World, also confirms the expansions plans: “As we internationalize our organizational structure and operating model, we will be investing heavily in our commercial organization”.

At the same time, financial resources will be made available for human clinical trials involving BGG’s core products, Nelis explains. Cooperations with several domestic industrial partners and a research institute have already been initiated. Moreover, BGG is currently hiring several sales managers in Europe and the USA so as to “double our customer-facing resources in these key markets”, as Nelis adds. ce/mm

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