Klepsydra AI and Frontgrade Gaisler bring AI to space

25 January 2024 10:05

Volketswil - The software company Klepsydra AI and Frontgrade Gaisler from Gothenburg have announced a collaboration to adapt the microprocessors used in space missions. The initiative is part of a contract awarded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

The European Space Agency ESA has awarded a contract to Klepsydra AI from Volketswil in the canton of Zurich and Frontgrade Gaisler. Klepsydra’s artificial intelligence (AI) solution will be applied to Frontgrade Gaisler's GR740 and NOEL-V processors, which can function in harsh environments, making them ideal for applications in space, according to a statement. By successfully porting Klepsydra AI software to Frontgrade Gaisler's space-qualified GR740 and GR765 microprocessors, the artificial intelligence algorithms can enhance the versatility of the microprocessors and enable a wide range of AI-driven tasks in space, such as remote sensing, Earth observation, data analysis, autonomous decision-making and anomaly detection.

“We are honoured to have been entrusted this contract by ESA, which underscores the potential of our AI software in the field of space applications,” commented Pablo Ghiglino, CEO at Klepsydra, in the statement. “Our goal is to make space missions more efficient and effective by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. We are excited to work with ESA and Frontgrade Gaisler in this pioneering project.”

“Our dedication to providing reliable, radiation-hardened microprocessors for space applications aligns perfectly with the goals of this project,” said Sandi Habinc, General Manager at Frontgrade Gaisler. “Integrating Klepsydra AI’s software with our GR740 and GR765 rad-hard microprocessors will introduce new capabilities for space missions and further our commitment to space exploration for the good of humanity.” ce/ww

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