More and more cities are relying on cable cars as transport for tourists and inhabitants. Image credit: Ile-de-France-Mobilités / Double France

HighStep capitalizes on growing interest in urban cable cars

14 May 2024 14:06

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Dietikon - HighStep Systems is capitalizing on infrastructure planners’ increasing interest in the use of cable cars in urban areas. The company, which specializes in climbing protection systems, is involved in the construction of the Cable 1 cable car in the greater Paris area.

More and more cities are using cable cars as transport for tourists and inhabitants alike. The company HighStep Systems AG from Dietikon in the canton of Zurich, which specializes in climbing protection systems, makes it possible to work safely both at height and deep underground. The company is currently involved in the Cable 1 cable car project that is being constructed in the greater Paris area. Doppelmayr/Garaventa from Wolfurt in Austria is behind the project.

“The integration of the HighStep rail as a climbing system at Doppelmayr/Graventa in the Cable 1 Paris project sets new standards in the safe and efficient maintenance of cableways,” Gregor Wylenzek, Sales Director at HighStep, is quoted as saying. “Thanks to the maintenance-free HighStep rail in place of a fixed ladder, as well as the fact that our system can only be used by authorized people, we offer a robust and reliable solution – especially in urban areas, where the need for safety and protection is particularly high.” 

HighStep Systems AG was founded in 2007. It develops and sells innovative fall arrest systems as an alternative to conventional methods such as fixed ladders. This allows workstations at great heights to be reached safely and comfortably, which increases safety and productivity for employees. The HighStep fall arrest system consists of two components: an aluminium rail as the system carrier and a selectable climbing device, either the HighStep Easy or the portable HighStep Lift. The focus is on electricity pylons as well as cable cars.

Several thousand installations are in operation worldwide. Customers include the Swiss transmission system operator Swissgrid, the high-voltage grid operators TenneT and 50 Hertz, and the Chinese energy company State Grid Corporation of China. ce/gba

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